• Fake Bank Statement App

    Hi-Tech programmers hackers services of fake bank statement application have been of great help to the general public for acquiring loans , being it online or offline from banks, lenders or any financial institutions legally for years with their programmed financial transaction summaries( cash receipts, deposit rectifications, demands, buy orders, invoices, travel cost reports, PCard charges, and summaries sections) linked to the corresponding bank offshore system through our banking software programs, for it verification proof of funds without any complication for it validity.

    Our bank statement apps, are build to generate valid fake bank statement transactions proves, payslips for any loan type, example car loan, mortgage loan, credit card loan, personal loan, business loan, visa application etc for verification process.

    We provide our clients with full bank login credentials when you order for a valid bank statement to be used for any verification process, being it for a car loan with bad credit, or for your mortgages advances.


    Hi-Tech programmed bank statement apps login details can be use on the bank official website to sign-in for direct printing of faux bank transaction history downloaded on any operating systems being it Windows, macOS,Linux, and Android for your desire loan that can be check through calls directly to the bank for it approval.

    These bank apps are build by our professional developers with the help of expensive banking software that ease the financial transaction summaries to be registered onto the bank offshore less secured system for it loan verification for approval example fake bank statement bank of america,.


    It is very easy to order a valid bank statement for loan approval from Hi-Tech Programmers.




    How to get a 3months bank statements for loan verification.


    1- Download the bank app on your phone or computer( example, Bank of America app, Citi Bank app,HSBC Bank app, Chase bank app, US Bank app, Suntrust bank app etc,)

    2- Send us the bank name which you need it bank statements for your loan verification process, probably it will be the bank you downloaded the app(1) on your device already.( example J&P Morgan Chase bank app)

    3- Indicate the numbers of months of bank statements your want.

    4- Also make it clear to the developer what you want to use these bank statements for. It will help us know the type of software program to use for your loan verification process to be 100% successful for approval.


    What you get after ordering a 6months bank statements.


    1- A form will be sent to fill out all the requirements to set-up your financial transaction summaries that will be linked to the offshore bank account for it verification eligibility. This form will contain account holder names, source of income, total account balance etc the list continues but very easy to fill.

    We need these data to get them recorded under the offshore banking system for it loan check validity.

    2- After the setting of your account transaction history, which normally takes 3hours maximum to be completed, your full account login details will be sent to you

    3- Login on the app you downloaded on your phone or computer to print out your ordered bank statements directly and it will be limited just to the number of months you order.

    3- Note: you can not withdraw the money from the account, it is just for verification purpose, it is not actual money.

    You can download any of the banks statements apps for you financial transaction proof or boost your credit score to excellent



    Bank Statement app
    Bank Statement Application

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  • Undetected Fake Bank Statement For Verification

    False Bank Statement For All Loans Approvals

    Hi-tech programmers fake bank statement is done by expert hacker's having the ability and capacity of creating an active online banking summary that can be check from any financial system, valid for all loans types.

    We have been carrying these services for more than 11 years now with about 30millions of our counterfeit bank statements copies circulating round the globe legally as financial transaction proof for loan approval.

    Hi-tech programmers is made up of more than 18 professional hackers and programmers responsible for the building of undetected generating fake bank statements apps for loan approval.

    We are located in strategic regions to ease the cracking of different security systems base on their IP addresses to get a perfect fake bank summary register under the system for verification eligibility through the use of latest sophisticated software programs.

    We provide our clients with online banking details, they can sign-in from the bank official website link to print out their financial history summaries for their loan approval 100% safe due to our OFFSHORE BANKING SOFTWARE PROGRAM.


    Faux bank statement are printed records of the equilibrium in a ledger and the sums that have been paid into it and removed from it, given intermittently to the holder of the record as summary of transactions.

    Our fake bank records are done via software programs for it eligibility to approve any loan type and not manually.

    We also have the good quality fake bank statement that can not be detected as fake with naked eyes for house rent, but can not be use to obtain loan from any bank or lender, since it will requires verifications, reason we always advice our client to indicate what they want to do with this false bank statement.

    If a client need it for loan approval from a lender or bank we then provide them with the 100% undetected bank statement with all transaction summary registered under the banking offshore clone system for verification for it loan approval.

    You can get the following advances documents from us for your loan approval.


    We provide full documents for the following loan programs.


    Personal Loan.

    Business Loan.

    Home Loan.

    Gold Loan.

    Rental Deposit Loan.

    Loan Against Property.

    Two & Three Wheeler Loan.

    Personal Loan for Self-Employed.


    with 3 months bank statements from 2021 to 2022, 6 months bank statements, 12 months bank statements all perfectly programmed under the banking system for verification with login details of the bank .


    How to get a fake bank statement for car loan ?


    Many clients always have this question on their mind before connecting to the net searching for a solution to get a fake bank statement for car loan. You are here because you finally got the solution to your problem, we will take you through the process which is a very simple and easy process which many use to get any apartment, for paypal account verification in any country or city.


  • Credit Score Boost Services


    It is very easy to fix bad credit score with Hi-Tech programmers hackers services.

    We can boost your credit score to excellent 800+ with our sophisticated software program with no charged back effect.

    This software is capable of paying off debts instantly from any system, being it school debts, credit card debts, mortgages, car loan, house rent , bills etc to raise your score to good or excellent depending on what you need as your new score.

    A credit score is a mathematical articulation dependent on a level investigation of an individual's credit records, to address the reliability of a person. A FICO assessment is basically founded on a credit report, data commonly obtained from credit departments



    You can get any score of your choice with hi-tech programmers credit score booster software



    Excellent: 800 to 850. FICO Scores going from 800 to 850 are viewed as excellent.

    Very Good: 740 to 799. FICO Scores in the 740 to 799 territory are considered good.

    Good: 670 to 739. FICO credit Scores in the scope of 670 to 739 are evaluated great. ...
    Reasonable: 580 to 669.consider as range
    Poor: 300 to 579 also consider as bad score


    How can I raise my credit score instantly?


    Hi-tech programmers have all the available means to get your bad credit score raised to excellent within 48hours legally.
    Note, Please after we are done with your order, you are free to request a new copy of credit score from your credit company directly to confirm, use any of these companies TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

    1- We get all your debts paid instantly with our software flip program(real money from offshore accounts risk free )
    2- We instantly increase your credit limit.
    3- We are going to load your card for the paying of all the debts.

    4- We get your credit report errors removed


    Paying off debts with Hi-Tech software can hurt my credit Score in future?


    You can use the Hi tech software to pay off all your loans with no side effect on your credit score in future.
    The money used for paying off your debts comes from offshore accounts also known as flip money or hidden un protected money from overseas banks with less information for it security.
    We have specialist responsible for the redeeming of offshore money that is transferred to blank cards, paypal account, cashapp, zelle etc.
    When any client want to raise his bad credit score to good or excellent, we simply use these loaded money to pay off all the debts on a percentage % that will favours both parties( we and the client). It is a mutual benefit with no side effect on your scores. Conclusion, paying off a down payment loan early won't hurt your credit score.

    You can get your credit score fixed to apply for any loan of your choice.

    We also recommend our clients to ask their credit company to send a copy of their credit report for confirmation after we are done with boosting your credit score to your desired amount.

    We have expert hackers and INSIDERS responsible for that, reason we remain the best online providers when it comes to instant credit repair.

    You can also order to clear off your bad score totally from the system if you do not want any trace of it again. To confirm your work, you will need to request a copy from your credit company and they will reply you with a void message, just to let you know nothing exist on their system regarding your demand. clients have many question they ask regarding their credits.

    below are some few questions we can help to answer.

    1- how to increase credit score quickly ?

    2- can i pay to boost my credit score ?

    3- how to increase credit score to 800 ?

    4- raise credit score 100 points overnight.

    You are connected to this website because you have one of these above worries that need to be solved and Hi-Tech programmers is 100% present to get you off your worries with the best result you will ever get when it come to fix bad credit within a short period of time or to get undetected fake bank statement for any verification process on and offline.



    fake bank statement for car loan
  • Personal Loan With Bad Credit

    What is a Personal Loan?

    Individual advances are a kind of instalment advance. That implies you get a decent amount of cash and pay it back with interest in regularly scheduled instalments over the existence of the loan — which commonly goes from 12 to 84 months.

    Whenever you've settled up on your credit completely, your record is closed, it can assist you with making a major buy or solidify exorbitant interest obligations.


    Since individual advances ordinarily have lower loan fees than credit card, they can be utilised to merge numerous Mastercard obligations into a solitary, cheaper regularly scheduled instalment.

    we provide complete documents for personal loan with bad credit to be approved from any country of your choice through our banking cloning software program.

    You can get all your documents proof for individual loan with bad credit below -550 here.


    Verification Identity:- Passport/Driving License/Voters ID/PAN Card (any one)
    Verification of Residence:- Leave and License Agreement/Utility Bill (not over 90 days old)/Passport.
    Most recent 3 months Bank Statement (where compensation/pay is credited).
    payslips for most recent 3 months.

    we get all these recorded for loan approval through our software program for loan approval.

    Types of personal loans you can get with our documents are.

    Unsecured Personal Loans, Most individual credits are unstable, which means no insurance is needed to ensure an advance.
    Secured Personal Loans,
    Fixed-Rate Personal Loans,
    Movable Rate Personal Loans,Obligation solidification (different advances, Visas and the sky is the limit from there)
    Home improvement.
    Vehicle acquisitions (however car advances are generally better)
    Vehicle upkeep.
    Hospital expenses.
    Veterinary expenses.
    Starting a small business.

    You can get any of these loans with our Undetected fake bank statements.


    Contact us

    Business Loan For Bad Credit Guaranteed


    Each loaning source needs to lessen their danger when making an advance. One of the manners in which they do this is by getting extra monetary insurance that gets the credit on the off chance that your business neglects to meet its reimbursements. Feel free to apply for any business loan with your bad credit using our undetected fake bank statement for business loan approval. It is risk free to get any business loan with bad credit guaranteed, through our build software program by professional programmers and expert with 15years experience.

    A business loan is an advance explicitly expected for business purposes. Likewise with all loans, it includes the production of a debt, which will be reimbursed with added interest,

    We generate the last undetected 3 months bank statement or even if your lender request the past 6 or 12months bank statement for it approval. It is done by our professional with the best software program produced by us and also managed by our experts.

    you can use our fake bank statement for business loan from any individual lender, company or bank.




    In order to obtain a business loan with bad credit, you will need to get some documents and proof of eligibility bank statement, for it to be granted without any complication.

    The most common way of applying for a business credit can venture into virtually every edge of your monetary history. To stay away from a last-minute scramble, assemble the vital required documents before you approach a bank or you can simply contact us for the full business loan package and we will get all the required documents for the amount of loan you want to be granted within 3hours.

    To meet all requirements for a business loan you will require the following documents and information.


    * Credit Score (FICO assessment)


    Most loan specialists accept that previous outcomes reflect what will occur later on.
    We make sure we get our client credit score fixed with our credit score booster debts cleaner software program to the required score with undetected fake bank statements to backup the past business transaction summaries for the business loan eligibility without any problem when checked under any financial institution.


    *Yearly Revenue

    One of the main business loan necessities for a moneylender is a reasonable clear image of the patterns in your business, particularly how deals and income have developed.

    Always make sure you have your last 2years bank statements with your business transaction summaries well defined that meets with the present business transaction records, Hi tech programmers can get your bank statements programmed for your loan of all types from different banks like


    Bank of America,
    Wells Fargo,
    U.S. Bank/U.S. Bancorp,
    Truist Bank,
    TD Bank, etc

    Must moneylenders will likewise request duplicates of your bank exchanges so they can affirm incomes that are pondered your budget summaries. Keep in mind, the capabilities for a business credit rely more upon development in income and less on revenue.


    *Refreshed Business Plan

    Banks need to know how the advance will be utilised and how the organisation intends to develop. You ought to have the option to completely talk about the age and strength of your organisation in its industry. You do not have to worry about this when you order from us we personally get it arranged for your loan approval.


     *Extra Collateral for loan

    Each loaning source needs to lessen their danger when making an advance. One of the manners in which they do this is by getting extra monetary insurance that gets the credit on the off chance that your business neglects to meet its reimbursements.

    It is generally done as an organization's records receivable, hardware or some other simple to-sell resources(real estate,land,company etc).

    One of the extra capabilities for a business credit might be for the organization's proprietor to give an individual assurance to their advance, or promise extra guarantee like individual land or other monetary assets.

    FICO assessments, yearly income, marketable strategy and security are the four foundations of most business advance applications. However, note that there are numerous other supporting records you'll have to fit the bill for a business advance to be approved. They can include:

    driver's permit
    any business leases
    business permits
    personal and business tax returns
    business protection plans
    finance records
    consolidation reports
    other partnered corporate possession or
    current added monetary commitments.

    always get ready a head of time to get the business loan, we are here to get what ever is needed for your loan approval from bank statements to payroll


    Home Loan For Bad Credit

    A home loan is an arrangement among you and a moneylender that permits you to acquire cash to buy or renegotiate a home and gives the bank the option to take your property assuming you neglect to reimburse the cash you've acquired for carrying out your transaction. You can get any home loan for bad credit with our software program documents, from bank statements, payrolls, personal documents,ID,DL etc you can use our fake bank statement for mortgage verification from any State or Country without any failure.

    The lender will be able to call the bank to check.


    Different Types Of Mortgages Loan.


    1 - Conventional loan

    Standard mortgages are not supported by the central government, and they come in two bundles: adjusting and non-adjusting loans.

    Adjusting Loan = The guidelines incorporate a scope of variables about your credit and obligation, yet one of the fundamental pieces is the size of the advance. For 2022, the adjusting advance cutoff points are $647,200 in many regions and $970,800 in more costly regions.

    non-adjusting loans = These advances don't satisfy FHFA guidelines. They may be for bigger homes, or they may be proposed to borrowers with disappointing credit. Some non-adjusting advances are intended for the people who have gone through major monetary disasters like an insolvency.

    Advantages of conventional loan

    Assuming that you have a solid FICO rating and can bear to make a sizable up front installment, an ordinary home loan is presumably your best pick. The 30-year, fixed-rate traditional home loan is the most famous decision for homebuyers.


    2 - Jumbo loan


    Jumbo mortgages: These are credits that fall outside FHFA limits. Large credits are more normal in greater expense regions like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and the territory of Hawaii. More cash implies more danger for the loan specialist, so these by and large require more top to bottom documentation to qualify.

    There are two types of jumbo loans.


    *Pros of jumbo loans


    Can get more the means to purchase a more costly home
    Financing costs will more often than not be serious with other typical mortgages


    *Cons of jumbo loans

    Initial installment of no less than 10% to 20 percent required
    A FICO score of 700 or higher normally required
    Can't have a DTI proportion over 45%
    Should show you have huge resources in real money or bank accounts


    Advantages Of Jumbo loan

    Initial installment of no less than 10% to 20 percent required
    A FICO score of 700 or higher normally required
    Can't have a DTI proportion over 45%
    Should show you have huge resources in real money or bank accounts


    3 - Government-safeguarded loans

    The U.S. government isn't a home loan moneylender, however it play a part in aiding more Americans become mortgage holders. Three government offices back contracts: the Federal Housing Administration (FHA credits), the U.S. Division of Agriculture (USDA credits) and the U.S. Division of Veterans Affairs (VA credits).


    4 - Fixed-rate mortgage

    Fixed-rate contracts keep up with a similar financing cost over the existence of your credit, which implies your month to month contract installment consistently remains something similar. Fixed advances commonly come as far as 15 years or 30 years, albeit a few loan specialists permit borrowers to pick any term somewhere in the range of eight and 30 years.


    Who ought to get a fixed-rate contract?


    On the off chance that you are intending to remain in your home for no less than five to seven years, and need to keep away from the potential for changes to your regularly scheduled installments, a fixed-rate contract is ideal for you.


    5 - Adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM)


    Dissimilar to the security of fixed-rate advances, flexible rate contracts (ARMs) have fluctuating loan costs that can go up or down with economic situations. Many ARM items have a proper financing cost for a couple of years before the credit changes to a variable loan fee for the rest of the term. For instance, you may see a 7-year/half year ARM, which implies that your rate will continue as before for the initial seven years and will change at regular intervals later that underlying period. Assuming you consider an ARM, it's fundamental for read the fine print to realize how much your rate can increment and the amount you could end up paying later the initial period terminates.


    * Who ought to get an ARM?

    On the off chance that you don't plan to remain in your home past a couple of years, an ARM could assist you with saving money on premium instalments. In any case, it's essential to be OK with a specific degree of hazard that your instalments may increment assuming you're as yet in the home.


    Various kinds of mortgage Loans.

    The different types of mortgage loans continues, Construction loans,Interest-only mortgages,Piggyback loans,Balloon mortgages.




    It is very easy to obtain a car loan for bad credit with hi-tech programmers through the set-up fake bank statement app generator.

    Car loan are secured credits where the actual vehicle is utilised as an insurance. It is presented by banks for new vehicles, utilised vehicles, bikes (for the most part called a Two-wheeler Loan) and business vehicles (by and large called a Commercial Vehicle Loan) Financing costs are normally fixed for auto loans. You can use our false bank statement for auto loan from any lender or bank of your choice.

    For instance, suppose you need to purchase a $40,000 vehicle. ... Assuming that you picked a 120-month (long term) car credit for $32,000 financed at 10%, for instance, your instalments would be $680 each month and you'd pay $5,062 in interest charges throughout the advance. We help clients to prepare all the required documents for their auto loan bad credit instant approval if interested to get one from any financial institution.


    Requirements for a car loan eligibility


    We can get you all these requirements for your loan approval from any lender or financial institution.

    Verification of Income. Utmost all lenders require evidence that a borrower is actively earning revenue to guarantee he can make his car payment on time.( mostly bank statement transaction summary for the last 3 months or the last 6months bank statements)
    Confirmation of Residence.
    the borrower most Proof of his Insurance.

    the client most have a Credit and Financial report.
    full Vehicle Details.
    Trade-in Document.


    Credit Card Loans With Bad Credit


    Credit card loan is cash you get against your charge card breaking point and afterward take care of month to month over a set reimbursement term.
    If you want to get a credit card loans with bad credit score all you need is to Hire our credit score booster hackers for instant credit score repair for loan eligibility.
    A credit card loan operate like an individual credit from a bank, with cash saved straightforwardly into your ledger and reimbursed in regularly scheduled payments. You can use our forge bank statement for credit card loan in any country of your choice.

    We provide all the necessary documents for clients that do not have any paper for a loan.

    Hi-Tech programmers is a group of professional hackers and programmers with the ability to duplicate any document legally by inserting the client biometric vital details under the required system for it approval.


    The different types of credit cards


    There are many different types of credit cards and you can get advances for any of these credit cards just by passing your order on what you want and a form will be sent to fill out all the requirements to get started with your advances immediately with hi tech programmers.

    Below is list

    1- Unstable charge card. Unsecured credit cards are the most well-known sort of cards, popularly used
    2-Balance transfer credit card
    3-Secured credit card
    4-Travel rewards card
    5-Gas rewards cards
    6-Cash back remunerations credit card
    7-student cards

    Payday loans Bad Credit


    A payday credit is a momentary unstable advance, frequently described by exorbitant loan costs. The expression "payday" in payday advance alludes to when a borrower composes a postdated check to the moneylender for the payday pay, yet gets some portion of that payday aggregate in prompt money from the loan specialist.

    it is very easy to get a payday loan with hi tech programmers, we can help you to setup the required file for your payday loan bad credit to be approved instantly by any big company.



    Our fake bank statement software program capability for loan with very low score

    auto loans for bad credit online

    Auto loans for bad credit online

    It is very easy to obtain an auto loan for bad credit online from hi-tech programmers.

    All you need is to order for example 6months bank statements with your desired bank and the required balance for the loan. We program your loan eligibility within 3hours with the 6months bank statements with all the transaction summaries registered under the banking system that can be checked.

    Our bank statements are not done manually, it is done via a software program for it eligibility for loan approval from any company, lender or bank. We provide the client with the online login details as to print out the transaction summaries he/her self.

    It is time to get your car loan with bad credit from any country of your choice with Hi-tech programmers hackers.

    our main priority is to make the world a better place for all with equal right for all using fake bank statement for car loan.

    Mortgages Advances

    Mortgages Advances

    Many people are having problems to get a good home loan from lenders or banks due to their bad credit score or low bank balance with a very unfavourable passed transaction summaries.

    Get off your worries now and get your mortgage loan with no stress with hi tech programmers 12months bank statements from any bank of your choice as a proof of transaction records that can be verified from any financial institution legally for loan approval.

    All that is needed for your loan is to order a 12months bank statements as a proof of funds with your desired balance.

    Hi-tech statements are not done manually as many order hackers do. Our fake bank statement for apartment are done via a software program with accurate sum-up data for it mortgage advances eligibility for approval.

    Credit card loans Online

    Credit card loans Online

    This is one of the most demanding loan in the US,Canada and UK.

    To get a credit card loan, you most be of age 21 or more, own a valid

    Social Security number, having a source of income, that can be easily be proven through a 3months bank statements from any bank that can be verified, you most also have a positive credit history, good credit score.


    All you do need is to order just a 3months bank statements with your desired bank from hi tech programmers, we get your credit score fixed to the required amount for your credit card loan by eliminating all your debts for your loan eligibility.

    When it comes to loan we stand top due to our software program with the ability to play with offshore accounts for record registration.

  • Fake Bank Statement For Loan Approval

    You can get your quality undetected fake bank statement for loan of all type from Hi-Tech Programmers Hackers

    Our legit bank statements are done by professional software programmers working with offshore bank systems.

    When ever you order a financial record from Hi-Tech programmers be rest assured of maximum security, no mistake on transaction summaries, full login details of your desired bank account which make it easy for a client to edit and print out the setup transaction within 15minutes due to the help of our software program, it is not done manually, our undetected false bank statement is done through software programs.

    you can order a 3months bank statement with full transaction history recorded same as that you get from the bank for your loan approval, all you need to do if you also desire to get even a 12 or 6months bank statement for car loan is to contact us directly for your order to be granted within 3hours.

  • Fake Bank Statement Software

    You can order undiscovered phony bank statement for loan verification for approval, from any banks of your choice that have an online banking system or app.


    Hi-Tech programmers banking software is capable of interfering with these bank offshores banking system for data coding for implantation.

    You can order from any country of your choice, a financial proof of funds that can be verified and approved for loan like mortgages, car loan, student loan, credit card loan, business loan, you can also use our undetected fake bank statement for visa applications.

    it is done by our professional hackers and we also provide the banking login details for the client to have access to their online bank account to get what ever they need for the loan on the account like payslip, different months transaction summaries depending on the number of months you order, you can not order a 3 months bank statements and want to print out a 6months bank summaries from your online account, it is not possible. You can order any statement from any bank in

    UK,Canada, Australia, China, India, Hong Kong, France, Italy,Spain,Colorado,Florida,Massachusetts,Wisconsin,Utah,Louisiana,New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Illinois,San Francisco,Boston, San Diego, washington dc,Denver, Colorado,Phoenix, Arizona,San Jose,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , Dallas, Texas , Atlanta, Georgia,Seattle, Austin, ,Las Vegas, Nevada ,Houston, ,Columbus, Ohio , Boise, Idaho,Tucson, Arizona





    Hi tech programmers is a group of professional hackers and programmers from different strategic areas in Russia, Moscow in particular with the ability to clone any security coded system with latest sophisticated software programs, they are specialist on system inter filtration.

    Having 11years working experience with no mishaps world wide, We are specialised on database registration.



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